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What is Old Money and Quiet Luxury Style?

Posted on November 01 2023

What-is-Old-Money-and-Quiet-Luxury-Style Million Dollar Style


"Quiet luxury" is a term used to describe a particular approach to luxury that emphasizes understated elegance, sophistication, and refinement. It is a concept that contrasts with the more ostentatious and flashy aspects often associated with traditional notions of luxury.

Quiet luxury often emphasizes the use of high-quality materials, impeccable tailoring, and minimalist aesthetics. It favors subtle branding, with logos and labels being discreetly incorporated or absent altogether. The emphasis is on the inherent value and quality of the product or experience. 

Old money aesthetics outfit ideas

Rather than relying on conspicuous displays of wealth or overt branding, quiet luxury focuses on quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, and subtle, timeless design. It values exclusivity, exclusiveness, and a sense of exclusivity, providing a more personalized and intimate experience of style.
In terms of lifestyle, quiet luxury can extend beyond products and encompass a more holistic approach to living. It may involve seeking out experiences that are meaningful, serene, and authentic, such as enjoying fine art, dining at intimate restaurants, or indulging in spa retreats.
Yves Saint laurent old money style outfit ideas
Images: Yves Saint Laurent 2023 Collection
It is about finding pleasure in the simple and refined aspects of life, rather than seeking out grandiose displays of wealth.
Quiet luxury represents a shift in luxury consumption towards a more understated and sophisticated approach, where the focus is on quality, craftsmanship, minimalist style and the pursuit of refined experiences rather than overt displays of wealth and status.


Linen Blazers

A blazer is a timeless piece. Though it’s traditionally a menswear item, we’re gravitating toward blazers this year, which makes sense, seeing as it offers lifelong appeal.

Classic T-Shirts

Calder explains that T-shirts are an item you don’t necessarily need to spend a ton of money on. Clean, crisp T-Shirt is a must.


By definition, trousers are well-tailored pants with crisp folds that allow easy movement. While they can be made from a wide range of fabrics—like cotton-twill, wool, and linen—cotton and linen options are the most ideal for warmer months.

Ballet Flats

One of the most coveted elements of a “quiet luxury”-inspired wardrobe is a pair of ballet flats. But not just any ballet flats—sophisticated, timeless, and versatile ballet flats.

Coordinated Sets

“Quiet luxury” is basically a synonym for “elevated basics,” and we believe a matching (or coordinating) set is as basic as it gets. The beauty of coordinated sets is that they’re designed to be worn together and separately, giving you at least three outfits right off the bat. So, with a few matching sets in your closet, you can throw together effortless yet incredibly put-together outfits at a moment's notice.


A handbag is timeless, especially when it’s made in a sophisticated silhouette and rendered in exceptional fabric, like leather.




Yves Saint laurent old money style outfit ideas quiet luxury  Yves Saint laurent old money style outfit ideas


Quiet luxury and old money style share some similarities, but there are also notable differences between the two concepts. 

Timelessness vs. Tradition.

Quiet luxury emphasizes timeless design and aesthetics that transcend trends and fads. It focuses on understated elegance that remains relevant over time.

Old money aesthetics outfit ideas quiet luxuryOld money aesthetics outfit ideas

Old money style, on the other hand, often emphasizes adherence to long-standing traditions and cultural norms associated with generational wealth.

Discretion vs. Heritage.

Quiet luxury values discretion and understatement. It avoids overt displays of wealth and branding. Old money style, in contrast, may embrace family heritage and historical associations, showcasing status symbols and traditional markers of wealth.

Old money aesthetics outfit ideas

Personal Taste vs. Social Expectations.

Quiet luxury revolves around individual preferences and personal taste. It allows for self-expression through a refined and curated lifestyle. Old money style, to a certain extent, may be influenced by social expectations and conventions associated with the upper class. It may prioritize adherence to established norms and codes of conduct.

Experiences vs. Privilege.

While both quiet luxury and old money style can involve privileged experiences, quiet luxury places a greater emphasis on the quality of experiences rather than the exclusivity or privilege they represent. It seeks out meaningful and authentic experiences, regardless of social status.


Minimalism vs. Opulence.

Quiet luxury often favors minimalist aesthetics and a less-is-more. approach. It appreciates quality craftsmanship and the beauty of simplicity. Old money style may sometimes lean towards opulence and grandeur, showcasing wealth through lavish displays and extravagant lifestyles.

Both quiet luxury and old money style are ultimately about a refined and sophisticated approach to luxury, albeit with different nuances and influences. 

Old money aesthetics outfit ideas Ieva Katana
Photo: Polina Viljun


Old money aesthetics outfit ideas

Both old money style and quiet luxury prioritize quality and craftsmanship. They value well-made products and appreciate the attention to detail that goes into creating them.

Timelessness: Both styles gravitate towards timeless design and aesthetics. They appreciate classic and enduring styles that transcend passing trends.

Discretion and Understatement: Both old money style and quiet luxury tend to favor discretion and understatement. They avoid ostentatious displays of wealth and instead emphasize a more refined and subtle approach.

Exclusivity and Exclusiveness: Both styles value exclusivity in their own ways. Old money style may emphasize the exclusivity associated with heritage, lineage, and social circles, while quiet luxury may focus on limited production runs, personalized experiences, or bespoke offerings.
Old money aesthetics outfit ideas Old money aesthetics outfit ideas
90'w Chanel Style Sets and pearl accessories.

Appreciation for Authenticity: Both styles appreciate authenticity. Whether it's in the form of authentic materials, genuine experiences, or a sense of personal expression, both old money style and quiet luxury embrace the real and the genuine.

Curated lifestyle. Both styles involve a curated and refined lifestyle. They prioritize quality over quantity, selectivity over excess, and a discerning taste in all aspects of life.

While old money style may have a stronger emphasis on tradition, heritage, and social expectations, and quiet luxury may lean towards minimalism and individual expression, they share an appreciation for refined luxury and a more understated approach that sets them apart from more flamboyant and showy styles of luxury.


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