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Posted on May 26 2023

TOP-TRENDING-DENIM-STYLES-OF-2023 Million Dollar Style



 Love the versatility: Wide-cut jeans can be styled in various ways to suit different looks. They can be paired with fitted or oversized tops, tucked-in blouses, crop tops, or even layered with jackets or sweaters or even with structured, slim and longline power blazers for work outfit.

For an off-duty favorite, you'll love lower-rise wide-leg flares that allow for a slimmer fit in the waist and a roomier leg.

If you're going to go big, go big. This season, jump headfirst into the ultrawide leg with jeans that drag behind you and almost entirely cover your shoes. You might even want to size up in your favorite pair to really lean into the look with a fit that's already trustworthy and familiar, since this exaggerated look is for the bold.

Styling Tips: When wearing wide-cut jeans, it's important to consider proportions. Pairing them with a fitted or cropped top can help balance the volume of the jeans. High-waisted wide-cut jeans can create a flattering silhouette by emphasizing the waist.

Footwear: Wide-cut jeans can be styled with a variety of footwear options: Chunky heels, platform shoes, or wedges can enhance the retro vibe, while ankle boots or sneakers can create a more casual and contemporary look.



Straight-cut 90's vibe jeans are considered a classic and versatile style. They can be dressed up or down, and they work well with various tops and shoes, even dressy scrappy or pointed toe heels.

The most important part to know if the particular style is in trend is to detect that the denim is more stiff than thin and there is a good space between legs and jeans so they are not skinny, which is you know so out of style huh.

Straight jeans are very in trend in cropped also in ankle length. There's nothing like a Levi's 501 fit when it comes to the classics, and the American brand has crafted its forever favorite in a flattering ankle crop, offered in nearly every denim wash. 


 That 70's vibe is back and the more vintage looking the better! When it comes to this '70s throwback style, search for a slight flare from the knee down to the toe.

 I have noticed that 90's style flares like from Free People, Seven for All Mankind and similar are in high demand, but the most sought after and luxury brand ones are those flares which resemble the authentic 70's vintage style the most like Chloe, Victoria Beckham, Veronica Beard. 

When you want to elevate your look, go for elegant long and  flared jeans which look equally casual and stylish. They’re a polished take that can seamlessly transition from work to weekend leisure. Cropped flares are also big news for jeans trends in 2024. Opt for pairing them with a chic trench coat or a long knit cardigan, cropped top, and white sneakers when it’s time for lunch dates.

Between the ultrahigh rise of the waist and the slight flare of the slim leg, you'll feel taller wearing these jeans, whether you're in heels or off-duty platform sneakers.


 We can call this trend the more pockets the better. They can be slouchy, baggy, straight or whatever as long as there are plenty of pockets present. The '90s are back in full force, including the utilitarian trend of cargo pants. This season, allow the off-duty look to infiltrate your denim collection, shopping everything from tailored high-waisted styles to slouchy, baggy silhouettes with a nostalgic fervor that is unmatched.

My personal favorites are Retrofete ones, but for more calm and classy style I would go with more straight cut base ones.



 You can not go wrong if you are wearing a denim maxi skirt this year. Slits on from or on the back, asymmetrical, slim or wider tube shape skirts are the "IT" item of the year in the denim trend world.



This fall 2023 denim trend is taking things a step further than your classic straight leg. Along with all things '90s, the baggy jean is emerging as one of the most popular denim styles of the season. Denim will be voluminous across the board. For lots of reasons, oversized denim is a key trend. The perfect denim for fall 2024, from Bottega Veneta to Valentino, from trending jeans at my favorite shopping places for trends like and to Gucci, passing through Tommy Hilfiger and the timeless Levi's. Lengths increase and widths increase up to parachute sizes. What is very important that these trends also apply to menswear denim trends and styles!


  1. With a Structured White Tee.
  2. With a black skinny Top.
  3. With a Cropped or slim long-line Blazer.
  4. With a Halter Top.
  5. Cropped with a Knotted Top.
  6. With an Oversized Button-Down.
  7. With a Corset Top.


2024 Denim Trends faded Grey

Today we are talking about one of the 2023 fashion trends, already announced by various high-end fashion magazines. Gray jeans have actually been little seen for a few years, but now they are here to come back and do it as the real deal especially for Fall/Winter 2024 season!

Are ripped jeans still in style for 2024?

Denim with excessive distressing and holes is finally on the way out. Modern denim washes are light and faded, but not the destructed styles we've seen so much in recent years. Darker washes are out there too, so if you prefer this more classic Million Dollar Style look.



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